Zwelly Co.

Story driven animation to creatively grow your business.

We rely on a proven process to create meaningful animation to help your business grow. We focus on data and research to make the best decisions to create something memorable for your audience from strategy to delivery.

We’re able to produce many different types of animation including 3d animation, 2d animation, hand drawn animation and stop motion animation . Each one with a different feeling and message.


Our Promise

In order for us to be successful, we must help you be successful. We understand animation for you is an investment and promise to never take on a project we don’t believe can return your investment plus more.

Columbus, Ohio

Home to 2 million people and growing, Zwelly is proudly located in Columbus, Ohio. In an effort to support the local creative community, we created Making Midwest.

Let’s give em’ a show.

Your story deserves to be told in a way that people will want to watch. When you look through our work you’ll see a lot of internal projects that were made without a client. This is because Zwelly is not just a business, it’s a practice. We love to create and we constantly explore new ways to tell a story that people can empathize with.

What is Zwelly?

Zwelly is an award winning video marketing and animation company led by Animation Director and Animator Matt Vojacek. Zwelly is a small team of talented artists that specialize in motion design, illustration & animation. We work directly with Brands, Advertising Agencies, Film Directors & Production studios to create branded motion content for web, TV and film.

Are we hiring?

While we currently don’t have any specific needs, we’re always looking for talented artists, editors, animators, sound designers, voice over artists, illustrators, strategists, writers & interns. Send your portfolio and specialties to

Interested in working together?

We Are Curious.

Understanding your brand, business and goals are the most important parts of every project. We curiously ask the questions that give your project purpose.

We Are Creative.

We explore the best way to represent your brand and how to best tell its story through experimentation and discovery.