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Intro to Motion Graphics $49


In this course you'll go from little to no knowledge of motion graphics and After Effects and learn advanced techniques like Visual Effects, Character Animation, hand drawn animation and even the basics of 3d animation.

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After Art School: Getting your first creative job


You know that feeling when your almost completed with your education and you start thinking about how you’re going to find an opportunity to do the 1 thing you were meant to do as a career? Sucks, doesn’t it. The uncertainty, the doubt. In this talk I talk about conquering all those things and give actionable advice on how you can get a job.

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Sketch Everything


This tutorial talks about a way to make a procedural hand written effect to any layer inside After Effects without any plugins. You’ll also learn how to give a “stop-motion” like effect to everything to replicate a jittery “made by hand” movement.

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Realistic Camera Moves


This tutorial, you will learn how to set up a basic camera rig and animate with vector graphics. You will also learn realistic camera settings like depth of field.

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We Are Curious.

Understanding your brand, business and goals are the most important parts of every project. We curiously ask the questions that give your project purpose.

We Are Creative.

We explore the best way to represent your brand and how to best tell its story through experimentation and discovery.