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3 ways to make your email marketing significantly more effective

Even after the social media boom, email is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience. I know what you’re thinking, “that’s a pretty bold statement, I hope he has some numbers to back that up”. You bet I do.

For social media, the average social media clickthrough rate of a post is about .07%. For email, it’s about 3.57%. Those numbers are reported by Mail Munch

Click Through – The process of clicking a link to a separate page with more more information.

That means, to get just 3 users to click through on your message on social media would take an audience of about 4286 people (possibly more depending of the social platform’s algorithm for sharing your post).

With an average open rate for emails of about 20%, that means to get the same 3 users to click through on your email message, would only take an email list of about 425 people.

As far as moving people along the sales process goes though, it’s hard to beat email marketing.

Now that doesn’t mean social media is less valuable to marketing. It can be used to effectively engage or grow your audience. As far as moving people along the sales process goes though, it’s hard to beat email marketing.

So, you know that using email to reach your audience is effective, but what exactly can you do to make your email marketing even more effective?

1 – Focus on your audience

Anytime you send mass emails, you should always be questioning if what you’re sending is useful to your audience. Or better yet, “is this spam?”. How do you know if you’re about to send spam? Here’s a short list to help you find that answer.

  • Make sure your audience signed up to receive your emails. If they didn’t, they’re not your audience.
  • Whatever your main message is, it should be valuable to your customer in some way shape or form.
  • Rather than writing “we” in the message, focus more on writing “you”. The more you talk about you, the more people will feel like you’re talking at them, not to them.

2 – Have a goal.

Before creating any message, you should have some sort of a goal that’s reasonable for where your potential customers are in the sales funnel. Your call to action in the message should reflect that goal.

Essentially, for every email you send out, you should have just 1 thing that you want people to do or click. “Learn more”, “Watch this”, etc…

3 – Use video

Syndacast did some research and found that using the word “video” in an email subject line, boosts open rates by +19% and clickthrough rates by +65%. If all this data is correct, that means to get the same 3 clickthroughs with email while using video, you’d could potentially only need an email list of about 25 people.

Let me repeat that, to get 3 click throughs on your message, you’d need over 4,000 followers on social media — or an email that uses video with an audience of 25 people. Pretty significant.

Now this is where things get a little tricky. No, you can’t embed video directly to an email. So how can you live up to the promise of there being a video to watch in your email?

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