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45 Worst Pieces Of Marketing Advice

There's a lot of ways that businesses lose money with marketing. In this article, I’m going to give you a list of 45 different ways that YOU can waste money on your marketing.

  1. Don't track or measure your ads.
  2. Try to appeal to a really wide range of people.
  3. Rely on just one big ad.
  4. Only market on a single channel.
  5. Tell people to “buy now”! At least 5 times per ad.
  6. Put all your focus in getting followers and likes.
  7. Only talk about yourself in ads and how great your company is.
  8. Keep everything about your business a secret.
  9. Ignore the quality of your ads.
  10. Ignore people after they've purchased your product.
  11. Assume video is just a trend.
  12. Make sure your website is messy and not very clear on what people are supposed to do.
  13. Don't pay attention to your competitors.
  14. Just do the kind of marketing that works for someone else.
  15. Talk about politics as much as you can in your ads.
  16. Make your messages as 1 directional as possible.
  17. Change your logo every 3 months.
  18. Don't use hashtags
  19. Don't test any of your marketing, just go all in on the first try.
  20. Use marketing to cover up any quality defects with your product.
  21. Never use a “call to action”. They'll figure out what to do.
  22. The longer your ad, the better. Facebook gives you 2 hours —use it all.
  23. Assume your customers are dumb
  24. Only focus on the hottest trends.
  25. Don't be empathetic
  26. Don't let story drive your campaigns, Only share facts and stats.
  27. Banner ads!
  28. Direct mail!
  29. Billboards!
  30. Cold calls!
  31. Email marketing without permission of subscriber.
  32. Stay away from mobile marketing
  33. Do not attempt to connect with your audience.
  34. Do not have a marketing strategy or plan.
  35. Ignore your brand tone and style guides
  36. Do not give any information for free.
  37. Don't set a marketing budget
  38. Have absolutely no personality
  39. Buy likes and followers from those spammy instagram accounts that follow you.
  40. Never produce your own content.
  41. Never experiment with anything new
  42. Give up if things don't work after a week.
  43. Spend 60% of revenue on marketing
  44. Assume your business problems can be solved with marketing.
  45. Use PPC ads without any clear plan or goal.

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