Animation that connects you to your audience.

Our Mission

Zwelly Co. creates video and animation to help businesses grow. Creating emotion with every word written, keyframe made and music note played, we help connect businesses  with their audiences.

Your customers don’t want to be sold to.

Your audience is tired of banner ads, commercials and explainer videos. They don’t want to be sold to, they want to be understood.

We use empathy to create animations and videos directly for your audience. We create with a simple process that uses your audience as the guide. Every story, every design, every movement — it’s for them.

The result of which is real connection. The kind of connection that makes people feel understood.

Our Promise.

We understand why you use animation in your marketing. It helps you reach your business goals and your audience. Since our mission is to help you grow your business with animation, we promise to ONLY take on projects that help you reach both that goal and your audience.

Who we've worked for

We have worked with a lot of great people at amazing companies in the past, here's a short list of some that you may know of.

Who are we?

Zwelly is an award winning video marketing and animation company led by Animation Director and Principal, Matt Vojacek. Zwelly is a small team of highly skilled film makers, writers, designers, animators and musicians that have each given well beyond the 10,000 hours required to become a master of their craft. Not just so they can make a living, but so they can help people like you by telling stories that matter to others.


Matt Vojacek

Born in Northeast Ohio, Matt has traveled the country to learn from the best in several industries including science, technology, film and advertising.


Sabrina Chaney

Originally from Houston, Sabrina is a freelance animator and Zwelly collaborator escaping the heat in Brooklyn.


Additional Partners

We partner with other people and companies that specialize in certain areas of the video creation process.

Grow your business with video.

Let us know some details about you and your company and we’ll show you how video can help your company grow.