After our successful animation from 2014, ERT came back to us wanting more for their brand new website. They wanted to give users a simple video to go along with the much more detailed copy on the site.


In most scientific explainer videos, the content isn’t usually the most entertaining information to tell people, tons of big technical words and acronyms that generally complicate more than they explain a subject. After our conversations with ERT, the question for us became, how do you tell of complex technologies so people can easily understand how it works and the benefits they offer?


The goal for this project was to tell of 4 different services ERT offers in a simple & interesting way.

Since there’s so much content that needs to be talked about for each service, we decided each service would get its own video. The target audience for these videos would be doctors and physicians. So while most of the content would be a little advanced to normal people, it would be OK as long as physicians understood everything perfectly.


Working very closely with some of the best and brightest at ERT, we had to learn exactly what each service was in order to effectively tell a story for it. As that would normally take a college degree, it was a bit challenging but we got a bit of a crash course that was very effective. One of the coolest parts of our process is learning about companies and their products. This case was no different with all the great new technologies they’ve made available for doctors and their patients. It’s easy to get behind a company that creates such great things that help people.


After a bit of testing on a style, we thought we had the perfect solution but we ran into the problem where the designs were a bit too childlike for the subject. The reason the discovery phase is so important is because it gives us the opportunity to try and see what works and what doesn’t.


For the redesign we decided to add more geometric lines to emphasize the scientific nature of their work and make the design more appealing to our doctors & physicians.



After we defined the style, we designed all frames individually and put together in what we call an animatic to test timing and the voice over. Only at this point can you start to get the idea of timing for the entire piece.


For the animation, we went with a slightly cartoon style rubber hose animation to contrast the geometric designs. That contrast was important to make sure the piece didn’t end up too stiff with unbelievable movements. Even though the characters are not “realistic”, if animation is not believable it stands out in a bad way.


The music for these pieces was created completely from scratch. Each video uses a slightly different track with the same base to feel similar but a little different.


The videos were used for their website and the many trade shows they go to to show off their products/services. While these videos are treated as marketing tools they also help in telling the brand story of ERT, which is the most important element of any project we work on.

Here’s a couple more of the final animations.

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