Igloo Letterpress

What’s it like to take a class at Igloo letterpress? How do you visually capture a feeling? These are 2 of the many questions that drove this project to a unique result suited for a very unique company. Read more below.


For anyone that’s ever been inside Igloo, you know that as soon as you walk through the doors there’s this unexplainable feeling that just puts a smile on your face. After an enlightening conversation with Allison, Beth and Rachel of Igloo we spent hours learning about some ideas of what might be the source of that feeling.  Without a direct answer we knew that finding it was going to be very important for this project.

Igloo’s goal for this project was to reintroduce their classes that many people familiar with Igloo, may not have been aware of.

It became immediately clear that their goal + describing that feeling would serve as a guide for how we would tell their story and ultimately be “the thing” we needed to make this project successful.



Before writing any story, we must first answer the important questions of who this video would be for and what it’s purpose would be. To figure out the audience we simply had to look into who the current audience was for their classes. Groups, families and tours were the 3 groups identified as being the majority of their audience. The only problem with that answer is that they’re 3 completely different audiences and as we often talk about, you should create stories for a single person. After some thought though we discovered one thing all those groups had in common. There was a single person/organizer that made the decision to take a class for the group, family or tour. We’d seek to inspire this person by showing them what it’s like in the space, what people can create and the tools that they’ll be using.

Sometime after the initial conversation we discovered the answer to what makes people smile when they walk in. They smile because of the creative spark it ignites while seeing all the beautiful hand crafted products and smelling the surprisingly great combination of paper, ink and grease. While we could show the products, how could we show the smell?


So, we knew what we wanted to say, but not how exactly.  Starting first with the writing, we chose words used in our initial conversation to simply tell our target person why they’d want to take an igloo class and combined that with the strategy to come up with, “Spark your imagination, connect with others, be courageous & discover your passion. Hands to work, ideas to life.”.

Visually, what would be the best way to tell this story? When you go to an animation company, it’s not crazy to expect a completely animated piece. However, a completely animated piece is not always the best solution. In those initial conversations we had, we discovered that people may be a little intimidated by the giant antique presses. The best way to get people used to the presses they’d be using would not be to show an animated version, but to show the actual presses being used by real people.


“Print is dead”. This is something many people say in the digital world but Igloo’s existence is proof that this phrase is factually incorrect. As an homage to traditional creation, we knew everything should be handmade to match this idea, the type, the designs and especially the animation. We’d certainly use computers and digital cameras but we knew it was important for the piece to feel authentic to Igloo.

As Igloo is as much as a design company as it is a printing company, we turned to them for the titles throughout the piece. Their print designers Nicki and Nick created some amazing prints that became the focus of the video.



Some of the feelings associated with the Igloo brand is “Whimsy”, “Fun” and “Quirky”. To tie the video into those feelings, we used hand drawn animation to represent the invisible force of creativity and as odd as it sounds, try to describe that amazing smell.  It was important however that the animation element didn’t distract from the primary focus but accent it instead.



Once a final video was created for their website, we then made 4 shorter 15-20 sec clips for their social media accounts for the upcoming holiday season ultimately creating a 3-5 month campaign.

After one week on Facebook, the video had 43+ shares, 118 likes and 8.5K views with comments like “This video captures the Igloo feeling perfectly!”, “i love this so, so much!”, “What a cute little video!” and a bunch of people simply tagging their friends that an Igloo class would be perfect for.

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