Video marketing isn't often as simple as creating a single video and watching the money pour in. Viewers remember more if you use a single video for a single idea.

Research, Strategy & Story

For this project, we worked with our friends at Centerline Digital to execute an idea that they had to help PeopleDoc use video to help their potential users understand how they can help with their human resources (technology) issues. Let's face it, Human Resources isn't exactly the most exciting industries... That's however what PeopleDoc aims to solve. It doesn't have to be just about paperwork, binders and clerical work, Human Resources can be easier and a little more fun too.

Art Direction

After talking creative direction with Centerline, we decided on an art style that would mix the 2 worlds of sleek realistic 3d animation and rough (human) hand drawn animation to help tell a fun/human level story about the PeopleDoc brand so their potential users can begin to understand their values on first contact.


Hand drawn animation and realistic 3d animation, while similar, are very different. One of the biggest challenges of this project was to merge the 2 styles in a way that was purposeful to the story. We wanted to use the hand drawn animation as a way to connect the user to a more fun side of this "high tech" world.


Sound is usually the most underrated element to any video/animation. Thanks to Centerline and their sound crew, we were able to really put together a multi-sensory experience for viewers that goes far beyond swooshes, booms and bleeps.


As part of the plan from the strategy level, all 5 PeopleDoc videos are currently being used on their site on 5 different landing pages to help collect potential customer emails. Then, they'll follow up with interested people and close the sales.

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