How it works.

Every business is different. Even if the product or service is exactly the same, every company has different values, different branding and different people. Understanding that, we operate by this 6 step process that acts as a road map for every project.

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1. Strategy

What are your goals? What’s your current marketing like? Why does your product matter? Who is your audience?

These are just 4 of the hundreds of questions we’ll inevitably ask to make sure we know everything there is to know about your company — and how specifically we can help you.

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2. Story

Even though we’re primarily an animation company, we understand that story is the most important element of every video or animation. We take the time to get to know your audience and use empathy to develop a story specifically for them.

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3. Art Direction

After the story is made, it’s time to figure out how your animation or video should look. Just like every step in our process, all the decisions on design and style of the animation must match the story, your goals and any existing branding you may have.

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4. Animation

Here's our favorite part. We take the art direction and make the storyboard move with the style, timing, easing, squashing, stretching, and exaggeration that the story demands.

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5. Sound

Sound is what turns a viewing experience into a multi-sensory experience. We make 100% original music and sound design to help make the exact tension, tone and mood for any animation or video.


6. Distribution

For every video or animation, we create a plan for distribution specifically for you. Rarely do people make a bunch of sales by simply putting their video on YouTube. You came to us as an investment, so we make sure we come up with the perfect plan for you to receive value from that investment.

our promise

Our Promise

We understand why you use animation in your marketing. It helps you reach your business goals and your audience. Since our mission is to help you grow your business with animation, we promise to ONLY take on projects that help you reach both that goal and your audience.

Grow your business with video.

Let us know some details about you and your company and we’ll show you how video can help your company grow.