SK8 is a short animation that tells the story of what happens when two things are put together that don’t usually go together. In this case the combination of realistic 3d animation and hand drawn animation – two art-forms a hundred years apart together at last.


After noticing that there are so many designs and animations released recently that almost look exactly alike, a realization that one of the problems with the internet is people are creating things that look alike because they already know it will work before they get started. It seems people are afraid to create something they’re unsure will work in the end, they’re staying in their comfort zone but the real magic happens when you step outside the box and put fears aside. The question that sparked this project, what happens when you combine 2 styles on the opposite ends of the spectrum? Will it be a total failure? Or, will it be something unique?


The goal of this project was to show a “rebellious” way to tell the story of combining styles that aren’t mixed. The two styles would be realistic 3D animation and hand drawn animation.

Another goal of this project was to learn new software that would help us tell our stories in future projects. Learning never stops as things are changing constantly in the animation industry so it’s important to find reasons to learn these new tools regularly.


How would we tell this story? After a bit of research it became clear that skateboards would be an effective symbol of the rebellious behavior of combining these opposing styles. As a lover of extreme sports, this is also something that interested us very much so it worked out perfectly.

After many different concepts for how the scene would look and how the timing of the piece would feel, we landed on a fast paced quick cut assembly of the skateboard.



After the “world” was defined in the discovery phase it was time to use those defined “rules” to sketch every scene with the storyboard and then design each scene after we know how it will feel in the cut. In every production process, it’s important to minimize the risk for something not working by simply taking small steps, testing and iterating.



After the look was defined it was time to make those scenes move. After much testing it was decided that the animation of the 3D portion should be relatively simple and rely on the hand drawn animation to lead the viewer’s eye.


After the animation was created, we created sound design to match all the movements in the final piece. This growing art form became an important part of the final idea of of SK8 as it added another sense to the overall experience.


Within a week after it’s release, Sk8 was featured on From Up North design inspiration blog and has over 7k views on vimeo. SK8 won the 2015 CSCA Award of Merit in the Motion Design category.


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