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The Game Of Creativity

You use many things for inspiration including tools like Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble or even folders on your computer. Then whenever you hit a creative roadblock, you turn to those tools to look for a way through your creative brief.

The problem with that however is that using another person's designs as inspiration often leads you to a result that might be a little too similar to theirs and not very YOU.

 I made The Game Of Creativity as a way to be more inspired by my own thoughts. I like to think of creativity as one's ability to make connections between 2 or more things. And The Game Of Creativity is a fun way to help you do just that very quick and easy

Comp 1

How To Play

So, there’s a lot of different ways you can use The Game Of Creativity, but the main way is as a thought connection tool.

Any time you’re stuck on a project, simply flip 2 cards over and write out your thoughts of how your problem could be solved with a combination of the cards. Go a step further here by using a timer to get out as many ideas as quickly as you can. Or go another step and flip over a 3rd card.


Flip 1 card and there’s 50 possibilities, Flip 2 cards and there’s 1225 possible combinations. Flip 3 and you’ll have over 19,600 possible ideas. And that’s not including the information you bring to the cards.

If you're like me and science makes more sense than art, here's what that formula would look like:


As a practical example, I recently sat down with the cards to make something as part of my morning creating routine. I flipped over BASIC SHAPES and LIGHT.


Immediately, I thought about creating something using a 3D software, but my mind really kept thinking about light projection. More specifically I was thinking about those perspective paintings that people do that only make sense in a single angle. I was wondering though, what if light cast things in a different dimension, like an xray machine sort of. So off I went and this is what I made.

Comp 1_1

Now, I'm not saying my process made perfect sense, but that's the idea. My process is my process and The Game Of Creativity will help you create your own.

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